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Show us the way Nigeria

   Fabian Ukaegbu
  Posted on 12th Jan 2018 21:00:00

Why have any relations you cannot learn from? In other words, why have friends Who merely want to show you up or bring you down. Nigeria has experienced many drawbacks and now constipated, it spreads its venom to choke some of its parts. Since 1992 Arewa was formed and 2002 its operational wing Boko Haram was formed, all focus has been to the North mainly, Bornu Caliphate of the Bornu-Kanem Empire. In the name of Boko Haram insurgence, all development projects head to the North-East even the foreign Aids as if rewarding chaos. There were similar protests in the South-east but why are the latter killed and their problems not investigated or addressed as that of the North–east?

A President of a country said: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CwubeuJWQAAwt2q.jpg: “Look at African countries like Nigeria or Kenya for instance, those people are stealing from their own governments and go to invest the money in foreign countries” “From the government to the opposition, they only qualify to be used as case study whenever bad examples are required” “How do you trust even those, who have run away to hide here in the United Sates, hiding behind education. I hear they abuse me in their blogs but I don’t care because even the internet they are using is ours and we can decide to switch it off from this side. These are people who import everything including matchsticks” In my opinion, most of these African countries ought to be re-colonised again for another 100years because they know nothing about good leadership and self-governance”

Lo, we call on heaven and earth to judge the causes for which these witnesses are made if it be right and just. Why should any national government be reminded of its duties to the nation and people? Truly, Trump was not the first to call us ‘know-nothing’; Abraham Lincoln over a 100 years ago had said it in 1864. What bothers is the mentality of the ‘caller’ and the ‘called’. Do you agree with the support given to the parties in African cases? How can the wise tied the poor’s hands backward and be calling him foolish? Who are the Africans? According E D Morel and Mary Kingsley, the Africa that exists is the Africa made by Europe. Harold Wilson warned Europe and America of losing this Africa, if they let Biafra go out of Nigeria in 1968. What then is Trump saying? They held our manly and drag us impassionately, how are their mentalities made: of Jesus, the Saviour or Pilate, the unjust judges?

Let us illustrate a bit with the lecture or case of Lazarus and the Dive; i.e., the poor, who was refused the crumbs of the rich. He died humble in spirit and went to heaven having not sinned. The rich, who misjudged, condoned and abused persons, situations and circumstances died and went to hell because of his unjust judgments. While in hell, he looked out and saw Lazarus beside Papa Abraham and begged for help. He was not helped because he did not help when he had the chance to help. This case reminds that no condition is permanent and that God, the Master of Intrigues and manipulations can rework the wheel of evolution. Many Nigerians look up for a saviour but who can save them in their corrupt beds? Show us the way Nigeria.

Now to what the President said - it is only your friend that can talk boldly to you and your enemy will crawl behind to advise of your destruction. Such are those who see Nigeria in difficulty of looking after its 180m people but instead of proliferating factories for feeding the poor; sale her arms to kill his citizens. Is such mentality right? What do we do when our governments treat us sentimentally or as expendable political football? Shall we serene to become like harmattan snail or speak out to be treated as enemies of barbaric governance? Truly, we are stranded and provoked on every side; oh heaven hear us, oh earth receive our cry, what a rubbish to be treated in this way?

When the military ran Nigeria aground, it was assumed that they only knew to kill but military exists in the US, UK, Russia - Democratic since 1999, what can we measure about democratic Nigeria up to this juncture? It seems giving free hand to the selfish, greedy and unpatriotic fellows. Obasanjo, Goodluck and Buhari made no difference to our problems. Buhari said: people or regions that voted 97% and 3% are not the same to his administration; is this Nigeria First? What is democracy? If the 3% cannot be catered for, by the National President, can they seek elsewhere to be catered for? What does a good leader do to win people’s hearts?

Bore-hole water-tank is a disaster in the making of earthquakes. No railways, good road infrastructure, reliable health cares, nor good education to give hope to the future. How do you reconcile the fact that Ethiopia and Emirate Airlines respectively are now serving the local airline industry in Nigeria? Compare and contrast their size, population and natural resources with that of the once great hope of Africa Nigeria. Shouldn’t Nigeria actually be the dominant force in most of Africa’s economy - permeating every inch of it with her industrious, educated population and natural resources notwithstanding. But instead, they are forcing their own citizens through hardship brought about by endemic corruption to travel through the Sahara Desert and smuggled themselves into Europe for a better future. A future which in all intend and purposes, is just as good as what they left behind at home. Show us the way Nigeria!

Exploding population and meagre employment opportunities drive the Nigerian youths astray. Who are we to boast of dependable nationalism that binds the goodwill of the governors and the governed? When we turn to become people whose funerals are conducted in advance alive, we look upon ourselves to blame as constructive death, if fear steals from us to ask, act and speak up. But we cannot so blame ourselves but the environmental inequity tampered with immorality and infidelity. Trump was a businessman before becoming a President but a genuine business person apropos Innocent Chukwuma has been persecuted for no fault of his than Nigeria being treated and reserved as market of foreign anything. Why did the President instead of praising and rejoicing got vexed? We have so many ailing issues including our mentality but all require only one solution namely devolution of power to the regions.

The President of Nigeria challenged corruption without evidence. What happened to the monies recovered so far? Many believe that he is corrupt himself until he stands clean with evidence. Where did Nigeria stop? It stopped on 15th January 1966 with bad conducts and reports. General Gowon is the custodian of the report submitted by the Commission appointed by Ironsi, chaired by a British judge regarding the 15th January 1966 coup. After the expiration of Official Secrecy Act, the report should be published for correction purposes. It is hard to blackmail, deprive the people, deny justice and expect goodwill from the people and goodness from God of Justice. The hand of God is upon Nigeria because his holiness was defiled. It does not matter how long Nigeria remains corrupt with federalism, it can only become snail foolish until… it shows the right way.

Let the government of the people wake up and not react inimically when the people wake up. Re-open Nigeria Airways with three wings: Northern Sky, Eastern Sky and Western Sky. Let the government commission regional centres and projects to start addressing the problems from the grass roots. Let the government audit its education budget and yields and overhaul the system constructively. PhD, Masters, Ba, B-anything is nothing without yield. Let the government set regional administrative Headquarters to develop comprehensive schemes to assess and engross regional needs. Let the government forbid unemployment and ensure that the youths are not idle. Let the government ensure that every sector including its current states publish its annual accounts. It is abuse of democratic Executive Power to have richer officers than the state. Let the government promote transparency along anti-corruption drive. Show us the way oh Nigeria!

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