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What is wrong with Sharia Law?

    2017-01-08 18:10:58         by   Fabian Ukaegbu

It is empty democracy to deny people?s rights, what is wrong with Sharia Law if some people need it to live well?

Nigeria cannot continue to deny or deprive people of their legitimate civil rights. These matters were supposed to be sorted out before independence but like absent-minded wagon, terms were compromised unconscionably. Is it not true that hasty climbing makes a quick fall? Nigeria got independence in 1960 through surreptitious election but the next election 1964 protracted in the West and Northern Regions till November 1965. The former two-times President: Olusegun Obasanjo (G.C.F.R), an eye witness of the proceedings leading to the first coup of 15 January 1966, narrated both the political and military dispositions and how Nzeogwu performed in the North and his colleagues failed in the East, West and Mid-West. The subsequent coup of July 1966 was empty of purpose save to rage rivalry; yet, the nation Nigeria waited in vain to know from the Commission set by General Ironsi to investigate the first coup and the massacre.

After the second coup, which saw the Northerner on top, Gen Gowon swept the commission?s report under the carpet and Nigerians were denied knowledge what happened to her military failure in their own internal operations. The Civil War (1967-1970) that ensued after the Aburi Conference was the greatest omen to befall Nigeria. Since then, there have been six coups excluding four near-success ones, one annulment of general elections and five rigged general elections up to 20078.

Amid these horrendous outcomes, who would blame any part that senses solution by another means? If Sharia Law makes sense to any part of Nigeria in order to arrest corruption, who can deny this? The country has gone for empty and immeasurable democracy since 1979 and more so, since 1999 and made mockery of democracy.

No section of Nigeria can deny corruption and if as provoked as the Moslems to attempt to treat corruption with Sharia Law they have the civil right to do so. St. Thomas Aquino and John Austin9 held that law is made by enforcement; thus, if Sharia Law will inculcate discipline to the Islamic Sections of Nigeria, the rest of the sections can learn and enforce their own laws. However, to be more democratic, there should be referendum among the Sharia Law peoples. A referendum is a consensual public decision of themselves on an issue very tenacious to them; it is a civil right, which no one can deny.
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