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The Igbo Man

Whatever the wisdom, novelty, ostentation or arrogance, there are three main titles in Igboland and a true Igbo man is one who knows the custom and tradition of the land; hence, it is an abomination for an adult to stand watch while the goats hang on the rope. When what motivated the fathers do not motivate the sons raises the leverage to study who is motivated more.

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The Future Of Nigeria

The nation now called Nigeria were separate tribes brought together by circumstances of the slave trade. The world had known these dominant tribes as far back as Hanno’s Voyage in 520BC for the sole purpose of trade. The slave traders (Portuguese and Spaniards) started in 1441 and the British joined in 1556. Then, from 1861 Britain annexed Lagos, for the West Afrikan Frontier Forces operations  which stopped  the slave trade in 1901

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What is wrong with Sharia Law?

Nigeria cannot continue to deny or deprive people of their legitimate civil rights. These matters were supposed to be sorted out before independence but like absent-minded wagon, terms were compromised unconscionably. Is it not true that hasty climbing makes a quick fall? Nigeria got independence in 1960

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