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About Us

Igbo Institute is primed to provide a forum through which Igbo affairs can be presented, discussed and addressed with diligence and equanimity. Our aim is to utilise all accessible faculties available to us to promote common and united stand that deals with the establishment and other evolving issues. Binding us together as a people united by Chineke and common course.

The Institute does not pretend about the issues assailing and confronting the Igbos. That hard shoulder must be ripped off to create new and constructive platform, which will assimilate the salient issues that could enable Igbo and its individuals to move on without getting studded down by kiths and kin rifts. A race once made may need constant awareness to justify and sustain its reasons and purposes for being. After our learning and experiences, the Institute's mission can be encapsulated in this phrase - an experience that does not end in death is a lesson and to operate without the lesson is suicidal.

The Institute is open to all and accessible to all in inviting and expecting contributions. Thus, drawing strength from Igbo global diversities, resources and experiences, the Institute will promote innovative solutions and encourage responsibility and collective outcomes. The Institute will facilitate:

  • Strengthening capacity for self-help;
  • Policy decisions at all levels;
  • Researches, conferences and lectures;
  • Igbo language and cultural developments;
  • Skills combination and constructive unity of purpose.


The Institute may seem pro-Igbo and will indeed work with Igbo Communities and non-Igbo NGOs, charitable organisations, Education and Learning Institutions to address forgotten or new knowledge in challenging the developments of our time. The Institute believes in problem shared is problem solved; thus, we are open to support, assimilate and relate on compatibility basis.

The Institute is next after basic community groups; its aim being to constructively draw from the experiences to forge ahead. Amid disparities, fragmentations and social disintegration, we network to recover hope to establish a forum. As most Igbos came here (UK) to study, the Institute's prime task is to educate itself, members and public of the salient reasons of our education and indeed of our ever leaving Igboland for the UK. Education is persuasive and from whatever direction approached, the aim is enlightenment, awakening and reminding. The Institute will provide databases including output of researches and blog to enable interactions. The blog is the Institute's ballroom for any interested person to participate including being informed of developments.


  1. Active Participation - Become a member by registering;
  2. Take part in the blog;
  3. Take part in the events which are published from time to time;
  4. Campaign with us - Join us in addressing the concerns;
  5. You can assist the Institute by making donations.
  6. Advertise the Institute and your interest on the Institute's website.
  7. Your contribution could be teaching, raising crucial issues for research, taking part in organising events: workshops, symposia, conferences, religious services and speaking in up coming events.

The formulation and structure of Igbo Institute has been done with openess at its core. You are invited to choose your calling - whatever you can do or want to do. No Igbo man or woman should be alone but working in teams and groups to make the new era a fruitfull and purposeful one.
The Igbos -Traced to seventh generation from Adam or exactly 874th year of man on earth. The world is waiting on Igbo to show the wisdom of its age or "bats shall make nests in their garden". We have talked enough. Now , the new era is a doing time. We have struggled as individuals in the past and very little was achieved. Joining hands give us strength in numbers and a meaningful purpose. If your vision is not covered here, bring it to the table and we will take it up.

Amongst our programmes:

  • It was not accidental but coincidental with the situation and circumstances that like many other communities, our children were deprived of Igbo language. We primed education to run with others with hope to later draw our children at appropriate time to teach them their mother language. It is a wrong approach but it is better later than never. If a child is proud of its God given nativity, family and race, it must long for something at a time. If an illiterate could come to the UK and learn English language in three weeks, we assure our already enlightened children can learn, know, read and write Igbo within three weeks. We have the materials to make this happen. In addition to generic courses, we assess individual need, age, ability and predisposition and tailor solutions to meet his/her needs.

  • Research

  • The second stage of education is inquisition, curiosity and comparative studies; the Institute will facilitate all these. The parents chased education to the UK and their children will chase it and its attributes to Igboland. The missing contribution of our education is inability to know how they apply and mere theory is as bizarre as eating yam without knowing anything about it. Education does not have peak; thus, researches on Igbo landsome, customary, scientific, alchemical, political and social values could open new doors for creative learning. The history of Israel says: keep hope alive; thus, do not be put off by anything because a fair hope easily entices God.

We Provide Courses In Igbo Language

These in the main, are for beginners and those who want to polish and improve on both their spoken and written ability in the language of their forebearers. Igbo is a name, a race, custom, place and system of expressions that go far back as time it self. Special dispensations on these workshops will lay emphasis on the young ones of Igbo extraction residing in London. Those who have never had the opportunity to indulge in this poetic and expressive language. These workshops will have both historical and cultural perspectives in abundance. If you are interested contact info is given below

Phone Us: 077-2140-2376

The Executives

These are the current members of the executive team. The number will obviously increase as we promote our activities further.
If you are interested to become a member of the core team , please gives us a call. Our objective is to garner as much support as we can from all you Igbos (sic) out there in the diaspora and publish them here for public consumption. We very much welcome your contribution to this endeavour. Please feel free to comment on any of the subject matters mentioned on this site - correction, query, comment, addendum or an article of your own. We promise to amend or publish as soon as we can.

Fabian Ukaegbu LLB(Hons) MA


He is a founding guru and a man of substance in Igbo affairs. He believes in justice as the only way forward. He is a researcher with vision for the new era. He has reached rare depths and heights and has published highly challenging and provocative books (history, religion and current affairs: He is an Igbo man born and showered with Igbo customs. He believes that Igbo holds the key to the new and better world order.

He believes in critical and constructive instead of rhetorical learning. He likes calm, constructive and informative debates. He is a believer in humanity and customs. His concept of unison is an impartial commitment to all that is good for one and all, which was the pedigree of Igbo before AD 1441. He is also a friend of the earth, the dominion of man, where human is the ultimate sufferer or beneficiary of all causes. He has divine enlightenment and believes that all is not lost for mankind. His thought for the Institute is a forum for learning where people should drop pride, temper and assumption and wear scholarly aprons to entertain themselves and others. If life is too short, let us make it rosier while it lasts.

Benjamin Agwunobi MA, Cert PFS


He works in the field of finance,as an Independent Financial Adviser, for over 20years. He has a passion for preservation and promotion of cultures. With specific reference to Igbo affairs, he has been actively involved in organising and promoting Igbo Cultural Activities in the United Kingdom, Particularly since the late 1980s. He has played and continues to play key positive roles within notable and bona fide organisation related to the "Igbo Agenda" His most passionate objective is ensuring the survival of the beautiful Igbo Language, and if possible, inculcate it within the British curriculum, leading to GCSE and A Level, at least for the benefit of future generation.

Stephen Chukwunebunieze Ikepa


Is a civil engineer by profession. A man of many parts, a co-founding member of the institute, who believes that the best way for a better future for Afrika, is to adequately educate and equip the Afrikan leaders of tomorrow. He believes on creation of awareness based on balanced knowledge. He is a researcher, artistic and poetic minded fellow with determination to make tangible contribution.

He has written books such as "The marriage of Adorah" (A play) first performed at Albany theatre in Deptford 1998. and "Zimuzo". He has also written many poems and has exhibited his work at many art centres around London. He is an also a cultural oriented individual with a deep interest in the past. His motive force lies on his love for humanity. He is an Igbo man with a deep sense of history.



He has a core African background, stands for integrity and prestige as an Igbo man from a traditional home. Believes in upholding the youth and empowering the people. His ability to critically analyse and evaluate situations has helped people around him to reach unprecedented conclusions and make reasonable decisions. He has a wealth of experience in the legal and administrative fields, which will be applied in related events/issues that would be undertaken by the Institute. He hopes to use his outstanding experience in research to unseat ignorance and influence change especially in the mind-frame of many the Igbo Children, etc.

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Our Partners

Here, we hope to display a list of sponsors who have helped or continue to sustain us as we embark on this endeavour
If you or your organisation would like to participate,please give us a call and your name and link get added here as well.

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