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Is Boko Haram A Political Or Religious Group?

In 2014, after the kidnapping of 200 school children in the North East of Nigeria, many people became aware and sympathetic to the nightmare that was slowly and surreptitiously creeping in to Nigeria in the form of extreme religious fundamentalism called Boko Haram. It is imperative to explicitly make this point absolutely succinct - there are religious fundamentalist in all the major religious denominations or groupings

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Graphic Design (Choosing The R

Like embarking on a web design project, starting a print project involves gathering the requirements and determining the scope of the project. Its content will dictate which tools you use to design the print file. Is the design comprised exclusively of photographic images? Does it include stylized text? Are you designing a text-only single page flyer? Or are you printing a multipage brochure with columns of text and a variety of images?

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