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Kaduna Airstrikes: Onyeisiala Bola Tinubu etiela ezinaụlọ ndị nwụrụ aka n'obi
Ogbunigwe ndịagha tụrụ ataala isi opekatampe 126 na Kaduna steeti.

Yaadị anyị juru oyi kemgbe a tọọrọ ụmụaka anọ ahụ - Onye agbatobi
A na-achọ ụmụaka anọ a sị onye keke kwọga ụlọakwụkwọ n'Abia steeti.

Uk Visa: Briten amapụtala amụma ịkpachi mbata ndị mbịarambiara
Briten amapụtala amụma ka eme ya o sie ike ndị mbịarambịara ịbata mba ha.

Etu nwataakwụkwọ mahadum Ebonyi siri nwuọ ka ndị uweojii na-achụ ya ọsọ
Akụkọ kpuchiri ihe niile mere n'ọnwa ịkpeazụ afọ a bụ ọnwa Disemba na Naịjirịa nakwa na mba ụwa niile.

Israel-Hamas War: Israel sị ndị mmadu puọ n' obodo Khan Younis
Ndị bi na mpaghara ndịda Gaza etiela mkpu n'oke olu maka etu ogbunigwe si ada ha n'isi kamgbe ọgụ malitere ọzọ.

Etu ndị ojiegbe si gbuo mmadụ aghara aghara n’Imo steeti n’ime izuụka abụọ
Ihe karịrị mmadụ ise anwụọla n'Imo steeti kemgbe izuụka abụọ gara aga.

Mathias Ezeaku arrested : Lee onye ndu otu 'Omenala bu Uzọ Eziokwu' dịka a tọhapụrụ ya ọzọ
A tọhapụla Mathias Ezeaku,onye ndu 'Omenala bụ Uzọ Eziokwu' ọzọ.

A kwụsịtụla ikutu ụlọ ndị mmadụ n'Abule Ado Legọs ma malite inyocha akwụkwọ ha
A kuturu ụlọ ọtụtụ ndị mmadụ na mpaghara Abule-Ado dị n'okpuruọchịchị Amuwo Odofi dị na Legọs Steeti.

2023 Google Trends: Nigerian Naira, Mohbad, Chelsea, Presidential Election na ihe ndị ọzọ a kachasị chọọ na Google n'afọ a
Isiokwu ndị a bụ ụfọdụ ihe ndị mmadụ kachasị chọọ n'igwe ịntanetị na Naịjirịa n'afọ 2023.

Nke bụ eziokwu banyere ọrịa di m na-arịa - Nwunye Amaechi Muonago
Nwunye Muonago ekwuola na ihe ndị na-arịa di ya gụnyere ọrịa suga, ọrịa akụrụ na mkpọnwụ ahụ

We Provide Courses In Igbo Language

Seven sessions in the main, for beginners and those who want to polish and improve on both their spoken and written ability in the language of their forebearers. Igbo is a name, a race, custom, place and system of expressions that go far back to 874th year of man on earth. The sessions shall emphasize on the special dispensations of Igbo and will empower the young ones of Igbo extraction residing in London to be prouder than novice; those, who have never had the opportunity to indulge in this poetic and expressive language. These workshops will have language, numerical, historical and cultural perspectives in abundance. .

If this is of interest to you, contact info is given below:

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The Executives

These are the current members of the executive team. The number will obviously increase as we promote our activities further.
If you are interested to become a member of the core team , please gives us a call. Our objective is to garner as much support as we can from all you Igbos (sic) out there in the diaspora and publish them here for public consumption. We very much welcome your contribution to this endeavour. Please feel free to comment on any of the subject matters mentioned on this site - correction, query, comment, addendum or an article of your own. We promise to amend or publish as soon as we can.

Fabian Ukaegbu LLB(Hons) MA


He is a founding guru and a man of substance in Igbo affairs. He believes in justice as the only way forward. He is a researcher with vision for the new era. He has reached rare depths and heights and has published highly challenging and provocative books (history, religion and current affairs: He is an Igbo man born and showered with Igbo customs. He believes that Igbo holds the key to the new and better world order.

He believes in critical and constructive instead of rhetorical learning. He likes calm, constructive and informative debates. He is a believer in humanity and customs. His concept of unison is an impartial commitment to all that is good for one and all, which was the pedigree of Igbo before AD 1441. He is also a friend of the earth, the dominion of man, where human is the ultimate sufferer or beneficiary of all causes. He has divine enlightenment and believes that all is not lost for mankind. His thought for the Institute is a forum for learning where people should drop pride, temper and assumption and wear scholarly aprons to entertain themselves and others. If life is too short, let us make it rosier while it lasts.

Benjamin Agwunobi MA, Cert PFS


He works in the field of finance,as an Independent Financial Adviser, for over 20years. He has a passion for preservation and promotion of cultures. With specific reference to Igbo affairs, he has been actively involved in organising and promoting Igbo Cultural Activities in the United Kingdom, Particularly since the late 1980s. He has played and continues to play key positive roles within notable and bona fide organisation related to the "Igbo Agenda" His most passionate objective is ensuring the survival of the beautiful Igbo Language, and if possible, inculcate it within the British curriculum, leading to GCSE and A Level, at least for the benefit of future generation.

Stephen Chukwunebunieze Ikepa


Is a civil engineer by profession. A man of many parts, a co-founding member of the institute, who believes that the best way for a better future for Afrika, is to adequately educate and equip the Afrikan leaders of tomorrow. He believes on creation of awareness based on balanced knowledge. He is a researcher, artistic and poetic minded fellow with determination to make tangible contribution.

He has written books such as "The marriage of Adorah" (A play) first performed at Albany theatre in Deptford 1998. and "Zimuzo". He has also written many poems and has exhibited his work at many art centres around London. He is an also a cultural oriented individual with a deep interest in the past. His motive force lies on his love for humanity. He is an Igbo man with a deep sense of history.



He has a core African background, stands for integrity and prestige as an Igbo man from a traditional home. Believes in upholding the youth and empowering the people. His ability to critically analyse and evaluate situations has helped people around him to reach unprecedented conclusions and make reasonable decisions. He has a wealth of experience in the legal and administrative fields, which will be applied in related events/issues that would be undertaken by the Institute. He hopes to use his outstanding experience in research to unseat ignorance and influence change especially in the mind-frame of many the Igbo Children, etc.

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Here, we hope to display a list of sponsors who have helped or continue to sustain us as we embark on this endeavour
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